My Second Book is Ready for Purchase

‘영어인생 있는 그대로: 고품격 영어표현 실용례’인터넷 교보문고에서 판매되고 있습니다. 오랫동안 기다려 주셔서 감사합니다. SNS 등 모든 것을 동원해서 입소문으로 많이 홍보해주세요.- 토론토에서 김진현 드림 –

Book Cover 영어인생 있는 그대로

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대박 나다 (be in explosive demand)

대박 나다 (be in explosive demand) 내용이 아주 좋고 (superb) 영어와 무관한 (have little/nothing to do with ~) 독자들에게도 실제적인 도움이 많이 돼서 대박 나겠네요.

“I’ll lose no time (in) buying copies of your soon-to-be-released book for gifts to my book-loving acquaintances once it has hit bookstores. Its contents are so unique and superb and are so practically helpful even to those whose daily lives have little to do with English that it is sure to be in big/high/great/huge/explosive/brisk demand (or bookstores carrying it are sure to do/enjoy a brisk business). As for structure, starkly different from existing books in English Writing, your book is certain to earn outpourings of rave reviews. For the readers, based on your firsthand experiences of various things, and infused/imbued with both your Korean sentiments and your erudition in English, the English entries in your book occasion an encounter with living English. On your blog, to your credit, you argue against equating LEP (Limited English Proficiency) with LIP (Limited Intelligence Potential). The argument strikes a chord with me and gets my unqualified (= complete) support, as is the case with most of the non-native English learners.” Continue reading

귀에 쟁쟁하다 (ears ring with ~)

귀에 쟁쟁하다 (ears ring with ~) [배은망덕한 (be lost on sb) 꼴이 되니, “어느 때라도 할 수 있는 (can afford to-inf.) 만큼 (to the extent) 최선을 다해 은혜에 보답하라 (return ~)”는 아내가 항상 하는 조언 (perennial advice)이 내 귀에 쟁쟁하다]

On belatedly hearing that my mentor professor at Soongsil University had passed away, I was overwhelmed with a sense of guilt. For the last few years of his life I have failed to do what I had done: every New Year’s Day saw me making a call to him, who retired to his home in California, and asking after him. I had been so popular with students at Chonnam National University that there each semester my two classes of ‘NYT Editorials—English Composition and Discussion’ and ‘English Composition’ for English majors always filled up shortly after registration began, overflowing with a lot of students on waiting lists. Continue reading