실컷 먹다 (eat ~ to my heart’s content = eat my fill of ~)

실컷 먹다 (eat ~ to my heart’s content = eat my fill of ~)[선임병들 (superiors)이 라면을 맛있게 (with relish) 먹고 있는 난롯가는 얼씬도 할 수 없었던 최전방 군 복무 시 받은 휴가를 만끽하려고 (savor) 한꺼번에 7개 라면을 끓여 실컷 먹어보려고 했으나 불과 몇 젓가락을 먹은 후 더는 먹히지 않았다 ] 

예고: 5월달 새 글은 ‘짝사랑’에 관한 것입니다.

The other day when I browsed an online Korean newspaper, I took a passing look at a headline reading “Naeui Insang Ramyon (My Most Memorable Moment of Eating Instant Noodles). That headline reminded me of my own such moment. In the dead of a given 1980 winter night, in a rifle infantry platoon on the northernmost front, I was so low-ranking a soldier that the then hierarchy-based conventional wisdom dictated spots near a fireplace to be off-limits to me. Around the fireplace in the tin-built barrack, superiors used to cook and eat instant noodles for snacks. They and I had one fact in common: returning from the first half of 18 hours’ night shift of standing guard over a sector of the barbed wire fence on the northernmost front. However, while their rank enabled them to eat hot noodles and warm their bodies before they would go to bed, mine forced me into going straight to bed. While hearing them eating hot noodles with relish, I all the more looked forward to leave on which I could eat instant noodles to my heart’s content. Understandably, among the first things I did to savor my 1st leave was to try to eat my fill of instant noodles. I cooked me as many as seven servings of instant noodles at a time. Then the last experience I could expect was in store for me. Strangely enough, when I was just a few chopstickfuls into eating the cooked instant noodles, I felt no more appetite for the noodles and had to discard the remaining noodles. Strangely enough again, once I got back to the military barrack from the leave, my appetite for instant noodles sharpened again as if I had never tried to satisfy it. With my then pent-up appetite for instant noodles being still fresh in my memory, even now decades after my discharge from the military I often enjoy eating instant noodles over my wife’s objection, as if doing justice to my has-yet-to-be satisfied appetite. My wife is so obsessed with ensuring my family feed on home-made foods that she has little use for instant foods as a whole. In a voice edged with criticism, resignation and joke, she often says that just one bowl of instant noodles is enough to have me grin from ear to ear. © Chinhyon Kim

. browse = ~ 둘러보다

. look (take a passing look at ~ = ~ 건성으로 지나치는 시선으로 보다) 

. read = ~라고 쓰여있다

. dead (in the dead of night = 고요한  밤중에)

 . rifle infantry platoon = 보병 소총 소대

 . remind sb of sth = ~에게 ~ 기억나게 하다

 . so + 형용사 + a/an + 명사

 . conventional (the then hierarchy-based conventional wisdom = 당시 서열순에 근거한 통념) 

. dictate + 목적어 + to-inf. = ~에게 ~하라고 명하다

. off-limits to sb = 접근 금지 일부 캐나다 고등학교에 있는 일이다시험지 인쇄하는인쇄실 문에 학생 접근 금지라는 뜻인 “OFF-LIMITS TO STUDENTS”라고 써진 판을 붙여 놓았다.

. tin = 양철 

. barrack = 군대 막사

. superior = 상관선임병

. first half = 전반

. shift = (교대제의근무 시간

. guard (stand guard = 보초 근무하다)

 . enable + 목적어 + to-inf. 

. relish (eat ~ with relish = ~ 아주 맛있게 먹다) 

. all the more ~ = 더욱더 ~ 

 . look forward to + 명사/명사 상당구 = ~ 학수 고대하다 

. leave (be on leave = 휴가 ) 

. heart (eat ~ to one’s heart’s content = eat one’s fill of ~ = ~ 실컷 /마음껏 먹다)

. force + 목적어 + to-inf ~ / into ~ing

. savor ~ = enjoy a feeling or an experience thoroughly = ~ 만끽하다

. as many as + 숫자 = ~ 씩이나 (숫자 강조) 

. serving = helping = [n] (몫이 되는 분량을  ex) 7인분

. time (at a time = 한꺼번에 / 한번에)

. last (the last + 명사 = ~하리라고 사전에 전혀 예상 못했던 /사람) 

. store (be in store for ~ = ~ ~에게 준비/마련 되어 있다)

. into [ex) Being 8 years into his presidency, US President Obama is busy with his legacy policies = 집권 8년째에 있는 오바마 미국 대통령은 자신의 집권 유산으로 남을 정책들 관철에 분주하다.]

. appetite = 식욕

. discard ~ = ~ 버리다

. as if ~ = ~/ ; ~것처럼 

. memory (with sth fresh in one’s memory = ~ 기억에 생생한 )

. pent-up = (감정 따위가억눌려 있어서 터질  같은

. satisfy = fulfill = meet = ~ 충족/만족 시키다

. once ~ = ~하자 마자

. discharge from the military = 제대 

. over sb’s objection = ~ 반대를 물리치고 

. justice (do justice to + 명사 = ~ 공평하게/정당하게 대하다/다루다)

. obsessed (be obsessed with ~ = ~ 집착하다)  캐나다 어느 제과점 광고에 “We are obsessed with freshness (우리는 신선한 제품 제공에 집착해 있다)” 있었다.

. use (have little use for ~ = ~ 별로 탐탁하게 여기지 않다)

. whole (as a whole = 전반적/전체적으로)

. edged with ~ = ~기색이 깃들여 있다

. resignation = 체념

. grin from ear to ear = 입이 찢어질 정도로 크게 환하게 웃다  

며칠 전에 인터넷으로 한국 신문을 훑어보다가 가장 기억에 남는 라면이란 뜻으로 나의 인생 라면이라고쓰인 제목을 지나가는 시선으로 보았다.   제목은 나의 그런 기억을 떠오르게 했다최전방 보병 소총 소대에서  계급이 아주 낮았던 1980 겨울고요한 한밤중에 당시 군대 서열에 따른 통념상 내무반 난롯가는나에게 접근 금지 구역이었다양철로 지어진 막사 안에있는 난로 주위에는 선임병들이 라면을 끓여 간식으로먹곤 했다그들과 나는 공통점이 있었다모두 최전방철책 18시간 야간 근무  전반 근무조로 보초임무 마치고 막사로 돌아왔다그러나 그들의 계급은 높아서 뜨거운 라면을 먹으며 취침 전에 몸을 따뜻하게   있었지만 나는 계급이 낮아서 바로 모포 속으로 들어가야만 했다그들이 뜨거운 라면을 아주 맛있게 먹는 소리를 모포 속에서 들으며 나는 라면을 실컷 먹을  있는 휴가를 더욱더 강렬하게 학수고대했다이해할만하게내가  휴가를 만끽하기 위해 제일 먼저   중에는 라면을 실컷 먹어보려고  것이었다나는  혼자 몫으로 라면 자그마치 7개나 한꺼번에 끓였다그때내가 겪으리라고는 꿈에도 전혀 상상  했던 경험이 마련되어 있었다이게 어찌  일인가그렇게 먹고 싶었던 라면을 불과  젓가락밖에 먹지 않았는데 라면을 더는 먹기 싫어져서 남은 많은 양을 버려야만 했다 이상하게도휴가 마치고 부대로 복귀하자마자 마치  번도 라면 욕구 충족시키려 해보지 않았던 것처럼 라면 욕구가 다시 엄청나게 되살아났다군복무시절 밀어 터질 같은 라면 욕구가 아직도 기억에 생생한 나는 제대한  수십 년이 지난 지금도 아내의 반대를 물리치고마치 충족돼야 하는데 아직 충족되지 못한 욕구를 제대로 다루듯이 가끔 라면을 즐겨 먹는다아내는 집에서만든 음식을 가족이 먹도록 하는 데에 집착돼서 전반적으로 가공 음식을 별로 탐탁하게 여기지 않는다그냥라면  그릇 주기만 하면 나는 입이 찢어질 정도로 환하게 웃는다고 아내는 힐난체념  농담이 함께 깃들인 어조로 가끔 말한다. (2016 4 20)

< content (to my heart’s content) (eat/drink my fill) (I want to be able to eat my fill and drink my fill, guzzle to my heart’s contentand sleep it off, and never a stroke of work. I reckon it’s my turn, by God! Before I die I want to know what it feels like to live like a millionaire.): sleep sth off = get better after sth, especially drinking too much alcohol, by sleeping ex) Let’s leave him to sleep it off. | ex) She never does a stroke (of work) =  never does any work. > – Victor Hugo. (1862). Les Misérables. Part Three (Marius). Book Eight (The Noxious Poor). Chapter XII (Use made of a five-franc piece). (translated by N. Denny) – Victor Hugo의 불후의 명작Les Misérables에 나오는 한 대목이다. 정직하게 열심히 일해서 돈 벌 생각은 하지 않고 남에 손 벌리고, 남을 등쳐먹고 살 궁리만 하면서, 이름까지Jondrette로 바꿔서 사는 작중 인물 Thénardier가 자기 아내에게 하는 말이다. 실컷 먹고 실컷 마시고 (“eat my fill and drink my fill”) 실컷 (“to my heart’s content”) 술을 마시고 잠 푹 자서 취기를 깨끗이 없앨 수 있는그런 삶을 살고 싶다고 말한다. 손가락 하나 까딱거릴 필요도 없이 돈이 굴러들어 오는, 일할 필요가 없는 그런 세상을 살고 싶다고 말한다. 죽기 전에백만장자같이 사는 것이 어떤 것인지를 한번 체험하고 싶다고 말한다.

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