짝사랑하다 (fall/be in unrequited love with sb)

짝사랑하다 (fall/be in unrequited love with sb) [자신에 부과한 (self-imposed) 공부에 헌신 (devotion to studies) 하느라 한 여학생에 대한 연정에 따라 행동할 (act on ~) 용기를 내지 (muster courage to-inf.) 못하고 짝사랑만 했다]  

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hi [the name of a female classmate from my 4th undergraduate year] sunsang,

Nice to hear from you again! Having never heard from you for a prolonged period, I was wondering what had happened to you. 

What is the weather there like? Have seasonal sand storms now subsided? Toronto sees the second straight weekend so warm and so sunny that I’ve hung washed clothes on lines outdoors and thus had them get dry and sanitized in plentiful sunshine as I did last weekend. 

Your older son and your younger son have been thriving in the military and in school respectively, haven’t they? Whenever you and your husband visit your older son, both you and your husband feel proud of his ever-increasing maturity and manliness, don’t you? 

Knowing well the challenges facing a social worker here in Canada from my own observation of my wife, I readily understand your difficulties serving your client well, which you say are largely due to his mother’s prejudice. Galvanized by ever-deteriorating problems caused by prejudices, hopefully, with time, people will eventually abandon prejudices for empirically proven well-being-friendly strategies. 

Hearing from you that your friend, Editor [name] sunsangnim, is busy with seeking a reliable nursing home for her mom, I feel sorry that I’m asking proofreading my book of her, who has a lot on her plate. 

Does [the name of another female classmate from my 4th undergraduate year]’s son attend the University of Waterloo? While making itself different from the University of Toronto, which traditionally focuses on research-oriented graduate studies, Waterloo’s Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science and Math has long been so well-known for producing competent graduates that reportedly Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft, annually visits the Canadian school, a byword for practical skills in Science and Technology as is attested by its world-famous traditional focus on co-op programs, and recruits a lot of its graduating undergraduate students.   

Speaking of [the name of another female classmate], in the early 1980s she represented one of the two surprises that made me, a returnee to campus from a 3-year military service on the northernmost front, feel as if I had been a Rip Van Winkle. The other was the seemingly dominant presence of NIKE, an American company then just making inroad into Korea: Its high-end sports shoes appeared to have a firm grip on Korean youth’s feet. Before and during my military service my eyes had got used to down-at-heel to holes-ridden sports shoes. As for courtship, I acknowledge, I was probably in the extreme minority. My romantic heart was on not girl students who used to flock to me for English help but a girl student, a Computer Science major, who was releasing her impressive poems. For the 3 years of my pre-military service university life, however, my self-imposed devotion to studies had rendered me so unable to muster courage to act on my romantic heart that, never touching her hand and never being alone with her off campus in any courtship-imbuing setting, I ended up falling in unrequited love with her. Then I quietly disappeared into the northernmost front for my military service. Before I entered the military, college sweethearts (“campus couples” in Konglish) tended to date so surreptitiously that their courtship went unnoticed, thus doing little to set themselves apart from me in unrequited love at least on the surface. On returning to campus from the military service, I had difficulty in digesting a sea change: college sweethearts enjoyed dating, hand in hand, in broad daylight, on campus. As you know, [the name of another female classmate] and her boyfriend, to my recollection, from Department of History, appeared to share almost all their waking hours together. I’m pretty sure that, like them, their Waterloo son would be so courageous as to successfully integrate courtship and studies without squandering precious time falling in unrequited love.

 Have a wonderful weekend with your husband and your younger son!


. sand storms = 황사


. subside = 수그러지다누그러지다


. sanitize = 소독하다


. thrive = 번영/번창하다


. respectively = 각각 순서대로


. maturity = 성숙


. manliness = 남자다움


. due (be due to + N = ~때문에)


. prejudice = 편견


. galvanize = ~ 자극하여 (어떤 행동을취하게 하다


. deteriorate = get worse = 악화되다


. empirically = 실제 현장에서


. nursing home = 양로원


. ask sth of sb = ~에게 ~ 요청하다


. plate (have a lot on one’s plate = 해야  일이 산더미처럼 있다)


. Faculty of Engineering = 공과 대학  캐나다영국에서는 종합대학 내에 있는 단과대학을 말할 때는 faculty 단어를 쓴다미국에서는 college라는 단어를 쓴다.


. competent = 실력/능력이 있다


. byword (a byword for ~ = ~ 대명사 = ~ 대표적인 특색을 나타내서 ~하면 생각에떠오르게 하는 )  


. attest = 증명/입증하다


. co-op program = 산학협동 program  캐나다 고등학교 9학년생 전원은 하루 등교하지 않고각자 취향에 따라 사전에 정해진 실제 산업/일터로 가서 온종일 현장 체험하는 (“Take Kids to Work Day” ) 있다캐나다 고교 상급학년 , senior division이라 부르는 11학년과 12학년생들  co-op program 반에 있는 학생들은 매주정기적으로 해당 산업/일터 현장에 가서 학습 활동하는 것이 curriculum일부다예를 들어장래 유치원이나 초등학교 교사하고 싶은 현재 고교생은 유치원이나 초등학교 교실에매주 정기적으로 가서 현직 교사를 도우며 지도를 받으면서 co-op 과목 학점의 일정 부분을 취득한다.  토론토 대학교 학부 (undergraduate) 캠퍼스가 3개이며  campus별로 독립적인 기준으로 학생들을 선발한다. Academic  것에 비중을 두는 St. George Campus (혹은 downtown campus라고도 부름), co-op programs 중점을 두는Scarborough Campus, 다른  campus와는 다르게 독특한 방법으로 program 운영하는 Mississauga Campus 있다.       


. recruit = 고용/모집하다


. undergraduate school = 학사학위과정


. graduate school = 대학원


. speaking of ~ = ~ 관해서 말하자면


. Rip Van Winkle = 1819년부터 1820 사이에 출간된 미국 작가 Washington Irving 대표작 Sketch Book 실린 작품 중의 주인공. /// 작품 Sketch Book 개인적인 애착심 (attachment) 있다. 1970년대 중반 고교 시절에 폐결핵으로 쓰러져서 대입 수험 과목  공부할 여력은 없어서 영어 공부만 하기로 결심하고 영문소설들영어로 써진 철학서적들과 Hornby 영영사전만 붙들고 공부하던 본격적으로 읽기 시작한 최초 영어원서 중에 Washington Irving Sketch Book 있었다.


. as if + 가정법 과거 완료이야기 대상인 과거 시점에서 실제로 나는 Rip Van Winkle아니었으므로 가정법 과거 완료를 썼다.


. seemingly = 겉으로 보기에


. inroad (make inroad into ~ = ~ 진출하다)


. high-end = 값비싼


. grip (have a grip on ~ = ~ 장악/지배하다)


. used (get/be/become used to + 명사 = ~ 익숙하다) cf. used to-inf. = 과거에 ~하곤했다


. heel (down-at-heel = 초라한


. ridden (-ridden) (holes-ridden shoes = 구멍이 덕지덕지  신발)


. as for ~ = ~ 관해 말하자면


. courtship = 연애


. flock to + 명사 = ~ 우르르  지어 가다


. major = 전공()


. release ~ = 발표하다


. impressive = 인상 깊은


. devotion to + 명사 = ~ 헌신


. render + 목적어 + 형용사 = ~ ~상태가 되게 하다


. muster courage = 용기를 내다


. act on ~ = ~ 따라 행동하다


. alone (be alone with ~ = ~와만 있다)


. off campus = 교정 밖에서 cf. on campus = 교정에서


. end up ~ing = (의도한 것은 아니지만 하다 보니) ~하게 되다


. unrequited (fall in unrequited love with ~ = ~짝사랑에 빠지다)


. sweetheart (college sweethearts = 같은 학교 재학  연인관계인 남녀)


. surreptitiously = 비밀리에


. unnoticed (go unnoticed = 발각되지 않다)


. set oneself apart from ~ = ~ 구분되게 하다


. surface (on the surface = 겉으로는)


. on/upon ~ing = ~ 


. digest = 이해하다


. sea change = 엄청나게  변화


. hand in hand = 서로  잡고


. broad (in broad daylight = 대낮에백주에)


. recollection (to my recollection = 내가 기억하기로는 기억에는)


. integrate ~ and ~ = ~ ~ 병합하다



. squander ~ = ~ 허비하다

토요일, 4 23, 2016


[대학 4학년  여학생 급우 이름선생,


다시 소식 듣게 돼서 좋구먼오랫동안 소식이 없어서무슨일이 일어났나 궁금했었어


그곳 한국 날씨는 어떤고지금쯤은 황사는 수그러졌는가이곳 토론토는 연속 2 주말이 화창해서 지난 주말처럼 오늘도 빨래를 밖에다 널어서 풍부한 햇볕에 말리고 일광소독도되게 하고 있어.


큰아들과 작은아들은 각각 군대생활학교생활 잘하고 있겠지부군과 함께 큰아들 면회  때마다큰아들이 날이 가면갈수록  성숙하고 남자다워지는 모습에 자랑스럽지그렇지?


이곳 캐나다에서 social worker 일하는 아내를 보면서social worker 겪는 어려움을 나는  알아. [급우 이름선생이 돌보는 장애아의 엄마의 편견 때문에 겪는다는 어려움을 나는 쉽게 이해할  있어희망하기로는편견으로 인해 문제가 악화하는 것에 놀라서사람들이 시간이 흐르면편견을 버리고 실제 현장에서 증명된  well-being 방법을택하게 되겠지


[급우 이름선생 친구, [이름선생님이 어머님께서 계실 좋은 양로원 찾느라 바쁘다는 말을 들으니자신 일로 힘든 사람에게   교정을 부탁해서 미안한 감이 드네.


[대학 4학년   다른 여학생 급우 이름아들이 워터루 대학 다닌다고연구 중심인 대학원 과정에 초점을 두는 토론토 대학교와는 차별화하면서워터루 공과컴퓨터학과수학과는 실력 있는 졸업생 배출하는 곳으로 오래전부터  알려졌어그래서 Microsoft 회장 Bill Gates 세계적으로유명한 워터루 대학 전통  산학협동 교육에 초점이 입증하듯이 과학 기술 분야에서 실용 능력 배양의 대명사로 알려진 캐나다 학교를 매년 방문해서 많은 학부 졸업반 학생들을뽑아간다더군.    


[ 다른 여학생 급우 이름] 말하니까 생각나는 것이 있구먼. 1980년대 초에 최전방에서 3  복무 마치고 복학한나에게 [ 다른 급우 이름] 내가 마치 산속에서 잠들어20 후에 깨어나서 세상변화를 전혀 모르는 Rip Van Winkle  것같이 느끼게  정도로 나를 놀라게   2가지  하나를 대표해다른 하나는 당시 한국에  진출한미국 NIKE사가 한국 접수한  같은 모습이야고가NIKE 운동화가 한국 젊은이들 발을  쥐고 있는  같았어군대 가기  그리고 군대 생활 동안 희쭈그레 하거나 구멍이 잔뜩  운동화들만   눈에는 놀라운 모습이었지연애에 관해서 자신은 아마 아주 소수 층에 속했으리라는 것을 나는 인정해나의 연정은 영어 도움받으러 나한테우르르 몰려오곤 했던 여학생들에게 있었던 것이 아니라 인상적인 시를 써서 발표하는 전산과 여학생에게 있었어그러나군대 가기  3 대학생활 내내나는  자신에 부과한공부에 헌신하느라  전산과 여학생에 대한 연정에 따라 행동할 용기를   없었어   잡아보지 못했고교정밖에서 연애 분위기 나는 setting에서   번도  여학생과 단둘이만 있어   없어그렇게 짝사랑만 했지그리고군복부를 위해 최전방으로 아주 조용히 사라졌어내가 군대가기 전에는 교내 연인들 (한국 사람들이 말하는 “campus couples”) 아주 비밀리에 데이트해서 거의 발각되지 않았어그러니까 최소한 겉으로는 교내 연인들이나 짝사랑에 빠진 나나  차이 나지 않았지그런데 군대 갔다 와서 복학해서 나는 엄청난 변화를 이해하는  아주 힘들었어교내 연인들이 서로 손잡고백주에교정에서 데이트를 즐기는 모습 말이야. [급우 이름선생이 알다시피, [ 다른 급우 이름] 남자 친구 ( 기억으로는 사학과생) 눈만 뜨면 같이있었던  같아자기 부모님들처럼워터루 대학 다니는 [다른 급우 이름아들도 대범해서 연애와 학업을 성공적으로동시에 하리라고 확신해귀한 시간을 짝사랑하는  낭비하지 않고 말이야.



부군과 작은아들과 함께 좋은 주말 보내길 바라며,




< unrequited > Albright’s ambition to meet Yugoslav leader is unrequited. (2000, November 24). NYT. 2000 11 당시 미국 국무장관 Albright 발칸반도 분쟁 해결 노력으로 유고슬라비아 대통령을 만나려고 했으나 유고슬라비아 대통령과 면담은 이루어지지 못했다(“unrequited”)라는 제목의 NYT 기사가 있었다.

< unrequited (Moldova’s love for the West is unrequited.) > Moldova’s love for the West is unrequited. Washington barely notices it. No sitting president has ever visited. Vice President Joe Biden’s trip to Ukraine this week would have been a perfect moment to drop in and show support, but it didn’t happen. After all, Moldova has a population of less than four million and no obvious strategic significance. – Nicholas Kristof. (2014, April 24). Moldova, the next Ukraine. NYT– 동유럽 조그마한 국가 Moldova의 서방세계 사랑은 짝사랑이다 (“unrequited”). 미국 정부는 Moldova의서방세계 사랑을 감지 못하고 있다. 현직 미국 대통령이 방문한 적도 없다. Joe Biden 미국 부통령이 우크라이나 방문할 때 Moldova에 잠깐 들려서지원을 선보일 좋은 기회였으나 Moldova를 들리지 않았다. Moldova는 인구가 4백만도 채 안 되고, 확연한 전략적 가치도 지니지 않고 있어서 미국이Moldova의 서방세계 사랑을 짝사랑에 머물게만 하고 있다고 NYT의 저명한 columnist 중 한 사람인 Nicholas Kristof가 주장했다.

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